Welcome to the distribution site for the UTAU voicebank「Raine Akamaru」 Banner illustration by Shirotani

  • What is UTAU?

UTAU is a vocal synthesis software developed by “Ameya” It enables the user to create singing tracks by inserting custom voices. You can download UTAU here.

  • Who is Raine Akamaru?

Akamaru or short Maru is a vocal library for UTAU, recorded and designed by Shirotani. With a unique high timbre, he offers the user an extraordinary tenor vocal, suited for genres like Electro-Pop, Rock and Dance.


The voice banks are a free distribution and NOT for commercial use.

It’s strictly prohibited to use the voice banks, individual samples or his artwork and character design in work that is pornographic, racist, vulgar,  obscene, defamatory, libelous, abusive, political, promoting hatred, discriminating or displaying prejudice based on religion, ethnic heritage, race, sexual orientation or age.

It’s prohibited to claim the voice banks, individual samples, produced content or his artwork and character design as your own work.
It’s prohibited to redistribute or reupload the voice banks, individual samples, produced content or his artwork and character design.

It’s prohibited to manipulate the voice banks or individual samples in a way for creating “pitchloids”. 

You are free to use or draw Raine Akamaru as you please, with the above conditions in effect. Thank you.


Raine Akamaru CVVC [V1.0] (ver. 2020/01/23)

  • Type : Japanese CVVC
  • Pitch layers : A3, D4, G#4
  • Rec. Range : F3 ~ D5
  • Rec. Resampler : fresamp 11/12 or resampler.dll
  • Flags : B0C0Y0F1
  • Voicebank artwork by Shirotani


Vocal sample using fresamp, UST by Makku

Additional Material

Reference Sheet – Fullbody Artwork


If you run into any kind of problems, or have ideas for improvement, please contact me!

Raine Akamaru © 2020 Shirotani.  UTAU ©  2005 – 2020  飴屋/菖蒲.