About Me

Hello there! Glad you found your way to my little website. My name is Kristian or just shortly Kris, and I’m a little content creator from Berlin, Germany.

I’m a singer and really just enjoy the technology behind vocal synthesizers! That’s why I created this little space, where people can easily access my work and where I can share WIPs in a more easy overview. I really hope this works out the way I imagine it tho LOL

To be honest I’m not quite sure where this journey, this website and in the end /I/ will end up at, but until then I hope you’ll bear with me and support my content.

For inquiries, you can always contact me via my twitter, which is linked in the menu bar or send me a message at
dotkrawl [⋆] outlook.com (⋆ -> at symbol)

Special Thanks go out to :

  • Chorvaqueen for helping me out with the website, hosting and everything else!
  • Ru for drawing my logo
  • Krydala for helping me design Koldos and just being an amazing friend <3
  • You, for being here! Thank you 😀