It’s KOLDOS bitch!

Whew. It’s been a couple of months huh?

ANYWAYS HELLO FOLKS, I HAVE RETURNED. I kinda forgot to do a write-up for the new release that happened a couple of months ago, but it wasn’t anything really worthwhile if you ask me. So let’s get to the core of todays post, KOLDOS. Because what fucking else.

I’ve been wanting after updating his English VB, to work on Japanese some more and make a good user-friendly voicebank, while still keeping what makes OG KOLDOS himself you know? So after recording and testing, I thought fuck everything and just took the mic and three days and recorded some stuff… hehe


Who needs so densely recorded pitches? Well, I do as this is just a huge playground for options and while not everything is ideal (the high pitches are really bad imo) I have a result I can test and work on to improve.

Personally I’m quite a fan of how the lower pitches sound and while the mid-range isn’t ideal it certainly gives an idea for what’s to come. Can’t say that I’ll really keep working on this super-actively right now but at least I have a start, which keeps me striving for more.




All this talk really is for nothing, as you don’t know what I’m talking about, so I’m just throwing in a couple of sound examples for everyone to enjoy. Please feel free to comment if you like them and what you see having potential for improvement, it helps me out a lot!


Sample of the higher range using niki’s song “FlashBack”. UST by DistyKisaragi


Sample of the mid- and higher register using livetune’s song “Tell Your World”. UST by KOLA


Sample of his low and very low range using Circus-P’s song “Circus Monster”. UST by Circus-P


That’s it for today folks, I really hope to be able to update y’all on this as soon as possible!

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