Ready, set, GO!

Considering, the blog is now all set up and the basic page(s) are running, it’s time ofr my first real blog post! (that’s kinda scary)

I’ve been working quite a lot of new stuff, trying out different things and in the end bettering myself as a singer and as a voice actor for KOLDOS.
This had lead to tons and t o n s of recorded but unused and unfinished voicebanks. But as much as I would love to talk about everything I’ve been experimenting with, I want to equally talk about /what’s to come/.

Currently my main focus is working on a new and updated VCCV English voicebank, due to the fact that the custom reclist his main voicebank is using, isn’t quite finished yet. That lead me to start recording a new VCCV one, due to it’s popularity and familiarity within the fandom. Currently I’m planning to make it a tri-pitch, from which the first one is already recorded!

Here a little preview for what you can expect as a base tone from him

  • UST by PaintedCz


But I’ve also been working on other languages, trying to make him as accessible as I can! If you want to have KOLDOS for some specific language though, you can always ask me if I will be able to produce that! I’ll gladly put the work into making things for you, the people who support me and support KOLDOS!


I think that’s it for today, so I guess stay tuned?

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